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MONASH Certified!

Labratory certified Low-FODMAP. Enjoy high quality and make the Low FODMAP diet easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you plant based?

Absolutly. We use brown rice and pea protein which make a great source of vegan protein. We are also dairy free, nut free, and non-GMO.

Why is your product so expensive?

Each meal is only $2.67. Way less than a cup of coffee, fast food, or a protein bar. You get 25 meals in a bag.

We don't use cheep protein to keep the cost low. We hand selected the high quality vegan proteins. Protein that is smooth and mixes so well you could mix it in a plain old mason jar.

Expensive, not for what you're getting. We are committed to delivering a high value at an amazing cost.

Is there Canola in your procuct

Absolutely. Canloa is one of the top healthy oils available on the market.

Less saturated fat and more omega 3 fatty acids than Olive Oil. Better than Tropical Oils like palm and coconut in almost any way.

This amazing oil is under rated by people who don't know the science. Don't trust everything you hear as "seed oils" being so "dangerous". This seed oil will impress you.

Check out more information on our Canola blog.

Is there sugar in it?

Absolutely. Sugar is balanced out an is actually a low carb meal. Sugar is the main fuel your body uses and we have just the right amount for a balanced meal.

Keeps your energy up without overdoing it.

Is there whey in your product?

No dairy, no milk, no lactose, no whey. That was easy.

Why are there no added vitamins?

Adding vitamin is not needed in this. We let you pick which vitamins you want. This is core eating product. Not the only thing you eat but part of your Low FODMAP diet. Everyone has unique needs and you can customize your vitamin to you.

Do you make this shake with water?

Yep, simple and easy, just add water. You don't need other flavors to cover up the protein. If you like getting fancy use any almost anything. Works great with your favorite milk substitute.

How much is a serving size?

  • 2 scoops of powder in 8 ounces of water is a serving.
  • 2 scoops is about 48 grams which is just under a 1/2 of cup of powder.
  • The bags come with a scoop to make measuring easy.

How many servings in a bag?

25 meals in every bag! Think about that, breakfast for almost a month. A great value proposition for any budget.

What countries are you sold in?

We are working to get everywhere. Right now. Only the USA.