About FODMAP foods

About Us

Welcome to FODMAP Foods, where nourishing your body meets delighting your taste buds. We are a passionate team of individuals committed to making life easier for those navigating the challenges of IBS, SIBO, and other gut sensitivities.

Our Journey Begins

The roots of FODMAP Foods trace back to Dr.Steve's personal experiences. Growing up with a family member affected by IBS, he witnessed firsthand the impact it had on daily life. Fast forward to Dr. Steve's career as a family medicine physician—diagnosing patients with IBS highlighted a significant gap. There was a lack of convenient, delicious options for those adapting to the low FODMAP diet. This realization sparked the creation of FODMAP Foods, our mission-driven venture.

A Mission to Empower

Our primary goal is simple: to offer an easy, enjoyable option for your metaphorical IBS toolbox. We understand the challenges—both physical and emotional—of managing IBS, and we are here to make a positive impact on your life.

Expertise and Values

Driven by Dr. Steve's medical expertise, our products are Monash Certified, ensuring the highest standard of quality and adherence to the low FODMAP guidelines. We believe in offering not just a solution but a delicious experience, and our commitment to quality is unwavering.

Meet the Team

At the heart of FODMAP Foods is a dynamic team, each contributing unique strengths:

  • Dr. Steve, CEO and Founder: A visionary and problem solver, Dr. Steve's journey from family physician to entrepreneur was fueled by a desire to fill a crucial gap in IBS-friendly food options.
  • Lynsie, CMO: A creative force and marketing maven, Lynsie is dedicated to making sure our message reaches those who need it most.
  • Kirt, COO and CFO: The backbone of our operations, Kirt ensures the seamless production and financial management that keeps FODMAP Foods running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Emily, CSO: With a heart of gold, Emily oversees sustainability, shipping, fulfillment, and customer service, connecting personally with our customers.

Connecting with You

We understand the importance of direct interaction. Reach out to us on our Instagram and Facebook accounts for personalized responses. We're not just a brand; we're here as a resource, sharing tips and tools to navigate the challenges of IBS.

Real Stories, Real Impact

In the early days of our business, at a two-day expo aimed at getting the word out about our products, we had a memorable encounter. A dad and his son, about 9 or 10, stopped by on the first day. The dad shared that his son, recently diagnosed with IBS, had been avoiding food due to stomach issues. The boy tried our shakes, loved them, and left with a bag, excited to have a quick and tasty meal.

The next day, the duo returned with smiles. The parents expressed their joy that our shakes had become an easy and delicious solution for their son, allowing him to grab a food without hassle. Lynsie, reflecting on the experience, shared that seeing the boy's smile made the challenges of starting a business worthwhile.

Before we launched our business, Emily shared our products with her sister, who struggled with extreme gut sensitivities. Witnessing her sister's journey from discomfort to relief became a powerful testament to the efficacy of our shakes. Emily's sister, once confined by dietary restrictions, found a source of nourishment that didn't trigger her symptoms. Her success story reinforces our belief that everyone deserves access to convenient, delicious options that enhance their quality of life.

These real stories, including the transformative experiences of individuals like Emily's sister, inspire us daily. They fuel our commitment to providing not just a product but a pathway to a more comfortable and enjoyable life for those with IBS.

Innovation and Quality:

What makes our meal replacement products stand out? Simple—innovation and quality. Our shakes are plant-based, using top-notch rice and pea proteins. They're gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, egg-free, and non-GMO, setting a new standard for dietary inclusivity. Just add water, and you've got a convenient, tasty shake. Plus, they can be mixed with warm water for a comforting hot chocolate vibe. It's our commitment to practicality and quality that defines FODMAP Foods.