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Sallie S

"Our family is health conscious, and we like to include a lot of protein in our diet. It's not always possible to have protein on the go, which is why we like to include protein shakes in our diet. However, two of our daughters have sensitive stomachs and many of the protein drinks on the market cause them to have digestion issues. These shakes are gentle on their stomachs and taste great! We love that there are a variety of flavors to choose from like chocolate and vanilla, as well as fruity flavors like lemon and raspberry. They don’t taste chalky or have a bad after taste. 

Whether you're looking for healthy protein options that you can drink on the go or you need something that won’t cause cramps and bloating, these shakes are a great choice."

...bloating reduced dramatically.

I have Celiac and it's been very hard finding a protein powder that doesn't hurt my stomach and that tastes good! After only two days of using this product, my bloating reduced dramatically. Now my stomach actually feels normal for the first time in 10 years!

-Marie Brems

...no lingering taste.

 Most protein powders (both whey and vegan) tend to have a weird, almost metallic, aftertaste. Or even a medicinal flavor that I think must come from their attempt to get the flavors right. This tasted clean and had no lingering taste. Also, no filmy feeling in the mouth afterward.

- Ray Archuleta

I enjoy drinking this.

I am an athlete and this shake is great for after practice, workouts, or games. It is so easy to take in my bag and make. It gets the fats, carbs, and protein I need into my body quick. I usually have to chug protein drinks so I don’t have to taste them. I enjoy drinking this.

- Jackson

...tastes great...

This shake tastes great, it is very filling, and I fill like I have more energy after I have added this to my daily diet.

- Connie

...so quick and easy.

This product tastes delicious and it so quick and easy to make. One serving fills me up and helps me not feel like I need to snack all afternoon.

- Rosanne

I love this product.

I love this product. I can drink it without causing my normal intense stomach pain and bloating. It also tastes good and helps me get the protein I need in my diet.

- Alise


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