History of Protein Drinks

History of Protein Drinks

The Power of Protein Powder: History of a modern trend

1950's style image of a protein shake.

In the Beginning: The Early Days 1950's

Protein history is not very old. Especially when compared to other foods and manufactured foods. The market was originally driven by the fitness industry. Protein powders were a secret for bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Way back in the 1950s, people started to scoop this revolutionary product into their drinks. It appears probable that the initial protein powder was developed by a man named Rheo Blair. He was a nutritionist that made a simple supplement from egg whites. It was a simple way to help the body builders build muscle and speed up their recovery from a hard workout. Imagine mixing a milkshake with extra powers to help you get strong! This was going to grow into something big. 

Gaining momentum: 1960-70's

The industry experienced growth for the next 2 decades. Protein types began to develop, and the product continued to improve. A few leading companies started developing other types of protein powders.
Twinlab: Founded in 1968, Twinlab was one of the early entrants into the health and wellness industry. It began with a liquid protein supplement and has since expanded its product line to include various health and wellness supplements.
Universal Nutrition: Established in 1977, Universal Nutrition has been a longstanding provider of nutritional supplements, including protein powders, for bodybuilders and serious athletes. They're well-known for their Animal Pak product line, which was one of the first sports nutrition supplements.
Nature's Best: Although officially founded in 1984, Nature's Best has roots that trace back to the health and fitness boom of the 70s. They became well-known for their Isopure line of protein powders, which feature whey protein isolate.

Image showing the diversity of protein powders. It looks like a supermarket with shelves of protein powder on either side in a center island display.

The 1980s: Protein Hit the Shelves

Fast forward to the 1980s, and protein powder started showing up in average homes. It wasn't just for the body builders and fitness competitions anymore. Now, individuals seeking to build muscle or ensure adequate protein intake began incorporating it into their daily regimen. Shops started selling tubs of it, and it became a super popular way to stay healthy. MET-Rx was founded in 1991 and is notable for its role in popularizing meal replacement powders.  This was more than just a protein and included other macro nutrients. The company was at the forefront of using scientific research to formulate their products.

2000s and Beyond: Protein for All In the 2000s

In the 2000s, protein powder took on new flavors and types. No longer just a chalky mix, it became tastier. Flavors beyond chocolate and vanilla, like cookies and cream and other desert flavors, were made. The powder wasn't just for drinking, people started cooking with it was well. They added protein to bars, cookies, and even pancakes. The market really started growing. Today, there are many emerging technologies like clear proteins that can be added to drinks like soda and juices. Premixed protein drinks available at gas stations represent another avenue through which protein is becoming integrated into daily routines. 

Image looks like a kitchen with numerous different types of protein powder and shaker bottles sitting on the counter

Why Protein is so popular?

Why do people love protein powder so much? They are a super easy way to make sure you're getting enough protein, which helps your muscles grow and keeps your body strong. The variety of types and flavors makes it easy to pick one to fit your lifestyle. There are lots of different kinds of protein powders out there. Whey protein comes from milk and is really popular. It tastes great and is easy to mix. There's also plant-based protein for people who don't or cannot eat dairy. These are plant sources like pea, rice, or even hemp protein. Protein keeps you healthy by helping you feel full, so you're not tempted to snack on less healthy treats. It's no wonder the market continues to grow. 

How do we fit in?

In a market full of options, why use our product? Our product has taken these advancements discovered over the last 60 years and incorporated them in new and exciting ways. Many protein shakes cause gastric problems. Gas and cramping are common problems with traditional protein powders. We have the advantages of a protein powder but taken to the next level as a meal replacement. Besides it being a certified gut friendly shake, it might be the most delicious plant based protein shake in the world. Flavors that keep you from getting board and chocolate and vanilla that are more of a treat than a meal. Don't overlook its next level macro balance, and high-quality protein content a complete meal. Don't be shy the research makes this top level nutritious. Even if you don't have gut problems, you and your friends will love it. 

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