Whey vs Plant Protein
Whey and plant proteins are both good options for getting protein in your diet. Used by athletes and fitness enthusiasts for muscle growth, recovery, and overall health. Plant protein is highly digestible but absorption is not fast effective as whey protein. Both have all essential amino acid to make them complete proteins. Whey protein contains lactose, making it unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance or dairy allergies, while plant protein is dairy-free. Plant protein is considered more sustainable, requiring fewer resources for production. Specifically resources like water and lower methane production. Plant protein is typically more expensive than whey protein. Overall, the choice between the two depends on individual needs and preferences. For gut sensitivities plant protein is recommended due to it being low-fodmap.
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What is IBS?
IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a group of symptoms related to the digestive tract. It is a medical condition effecting up to 10% of Americans. This article discusses the causes. Note that they vary person to person.
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What is in the product?

Introducing our revolutionary product, carefully crafted using clinical data and the most up-to-date research to prioritize the safety and health of your gut. So, what exactly is in this remarkable creation? Highest quality pea and rice protein, meticulously chosen for its exceptional texture and taste, while providing


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